The Executive Level
Employee Bonus Program

Can't afford to give employees a raise?
We have the solution!
Simply make their dollar worth more.
   Keeping talented people in today's business world is becoming more and more challenging. Across the globe, turnover rates are worsening while the cost for replacing employees is rising. Companies are straining to keep within budgets and are forced to freeze wages or reduce bonuses and other benefits. These all lead to disgruntled employees that soon start looking elsewhere.
   Club Concierge increases the value of working for your company by increasing the value of the wages paid. Simply put, your employees can buy much more and much better quality for the same money they are making now. If they leave your employ they will lose these benefits.

For the Employer:
* Increase Employee Loyalty and Retention
* Affordable- Special tiered pricing
* 100% Tax Deductible Bonus
* Customized Employee Sign Up Page & Program Demo Available

Use it for your complete staff, executives or as a production bonus.

For the Employee
* Non Taxable as a Holiday gift
* DEEP DISCOUNTS from brand name stores and local shops
* Always available — 24/7 access
* Live customer Service dept.
* A growing list of Merchants from Toronto to Vancouver
* No need to pre-buy to save money
* Our Deals are Everyday- Don't expire in hours
* Deals that are available when they need them
* Shop in the Same Stores you shop now
* Personalized Membership ID Cards
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New Cars
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& much more.

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